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Automatically breaking tunes into separate files

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I'm new to SoundTap and am using version 3.00. Last night I recorded from a source that streams tunes. The first time I recorded from that source, SoundTap automatically broke the tunes into separate files of 2-4 minutes long. The second time I recorded it produced a giant 9 hour file. I did not change the configuration. No idea why it did this. I would prefer for SoundTap to automatically break the tunes into separate files whenever there is a 2-3 second silence. Anyone know what twiddle or tweak causes this to happen ?

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Hi boblite,

SoundTap will automatically create a new recording whenever a stream stops and restarts again. It does not do this based on silence detection as this can be unreliable and cause breaks where there shouldn't be any.


Some streaming services restart the stream for every track/song they play. Other ones just keep one continuous stream going. I'm not sure why you got two different results from the same source, but it seems like they were using different methods to stream on each occasion.



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Thanks nchBen. I checked the source (Rhapsody/Napster). The single file that was 9 hours long was created when I had clicked on an icon containing a picture of a circle that turned on a little "1" on the perimeter of the circle. I thought this would cause the playlist to go through only one cycle. Playing this 9 hour long file reveals it played the same song about 180 times. After I clicked the picture of a circle so that "1" was removed from the perimeter, and played the playlist, songs were recorded to separate files.

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