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Unable to start recording


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Just downloaded Debut Video Capture for Mac. Using macOS Sierra 10.12. Started Debut, then Safari. Selected Screen capture, Application (Safari), then hit the record button. Get a dialog box with: "Debut Video Capture Software. Unable to start recording. Please check your encoder options."


The encoder options are default. I've tried on different screen sources with the same result. Suggestions?


Thanks, Don

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Hi Don


Could you please try changing the output folder? Open Preferences dialog then go to Output tab to do this.If this doesn't work, please try to change the video encoder to use MPEG4. Press Encoder Options button then change the Compressor to MPEG4 (from H264)



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Thanks for your reply.

I changed Destination Folder from “/Users/Don/Movies/Debut Video Capture Software Free/Recordings” to “Downloads” and got the same “Unable to start recording…” message.

I changed the Encoder Options from H264 to MPEG4 and again got the same error message.

I also tried using two different browser video sources with the same result.


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Error Message:

"Unable to write to the destination folder. Please go to the Options dialog and select correct destination folder on the Output page."


You need to turn off "controlled folder access" in your virus and threat protection settings in Windows. 

This video demo on the link below is not in English but it shows you how to do it. 

Once you turn it off - everything works like a charm.


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