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"not responding" then crash, then slow

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Trying to open a VP project I've been editing: a box came up saying "stopping queue process threads" / "restarting background threads (not responding)" - then it crashed. Tried again later & got the project up. Tried to export it as a WMV & got "Stopping queue process threads" / "stopping background threads (not responding)". Left it to run overnight to see if it might sort itself out. This morning it says export is 1.1% completed. Anyone know what's happening & what I could do about it?

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In this case first you may want to try deleting the cache memory on the program as well as all the temporary files in your computer that you may not need as that may affect the performance of your programs. To clear the cache memory on the program you may go to Options > Disk and click on Clear unused cache files. In case the issue remains you may want to test creating a different project to confirm if the issues happen to all projects or if that one particular got corrupted.

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