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Burning data on existing disc


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I have burned data on several CD-R discs with the free home version of Express Burn.


I want to add some data on an existing CD-R disc.

But Express Burn doesn't recognize my disc with existing data on it.

It doesn't recognize the title of the disc. It always set the title of the last burned disc.


Even on the last burned disc, it doesn't recognize the existing data on it.


Is it possible with Express Burn (or not) to add additional data and burn them on an disc with existing data ?


If yes, what doesn't matter ?

How to let recognize my discs with existing data on it by Express Burn ?

And then, to add additional data to burn on it ?



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CD-R (recordable) discs are made for only burning/writing one time. You need to be using CD-RW (re-writable) discs if you wish to add/delete files to it.

If you want to burn a new disc, with new files AND files already on another CD-R, you would need to rip the files off the CD-R with ExpressRip to obtain the files for that.

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