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Frame Rate Issues


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I am doing a full screen capture. The playback directly from capture appears more like a time-lapse.

I have the Debut capture frame rate set at 24 FPS but my editing software says it is 12 FPS, and the playback seems to bear this out with slow, choppy video.

My editor is set at 24FPS will not go below 24, so I cannot set the project to match the clips (captured from streamed broadcast TV). Other capture software does not have this issue


What are my options here, if any?



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I have a similar problem:

It appears that the frame rate you set in recording is not the actual frame rate, but the limit.  I set my limit to 30 and the end result is 28.98, which is incompatible to Cubase when I want to edit the audio inside the video or add to it.  The only work around I have found so far is to record my video with a "frame limit", then bring it into Video Pad Editor (which I think may be a trial version and I will later have to purchase it), where it is possible to set a fixed frame rate.  Once I fix the frame rate at 30 I can load it into Cubase with no problems.

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