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Encoding a project takes too long and fails to initiate burn

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I have Video Pad Pro v.4.48.

I have a video timeline that I have created that spans about hours in length. I have Bookmarks added. I want to burn this to Blue-Ray disc. From the menu bar up top, I select the drop-down from Export Blue Ray movie and select Blue Ray Movie Disc. Once I begin the burn process, Encoding begins. Encoding for my project takes about 16 hours. Each time, the encoding process finishes but burning to the Blue-Ray disc fails after encoding finishes.

Here are my questions:

1. Is there any way to save the encoding job prior to burning to blue-ray disc. Each time the burn attempt fails, I have to go back and encode the entire project again and it is extremely time consuming.

2. For a video project that is 4 hours in length, is it normal for the encoding task to take 16+ hours?

Thanks for nay feedback,


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Thanks for that thread link. I have always saved my project as a .vpj file and the bookmarks are there each time I open the vpj project. I can export to a DVD or Blue-Ray disk and the encoding process does successfully complete. However, when attempting to initiate the Blu-Ray or DV burn, I ALWAYS get a message indicating "no disk detected in drive" and the disc door pops open with the disc. if I push the door in, Videopad gives me an error and the 15 hours of the encoding task is gone. I have a Samsung portable USB Blue-Ray disc drive. I know Videopad recognizes the drive as it is listed in the "Burner" drop-down.

Not sure what the deal is but Videopad is not proving reliable in this scenario. I don't see any logs I can access to troubleshoot this frustrating problem.

Thanks for any advice.

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I don't know if this will work.....might be worth a try with a small project

Create the video and add some bookmarks.

Go through the steps to export your video but don't put a disc in the drive.

VP will (should) prompt for you save the video as an .iso file and use the bookmarks.

When finished, unpack the image file. (You could use NCH Express Zip for this :-) )

The AUDIO.TS and VIDEO.TS files for your project should now be available. These contain the VOB files etc.

Use a third party burner to create your disc. (Like Ashampoo Burning Studio Free )



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