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Lame.exe Error Crashes VideoPad


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For the past week I have no longer been able to make (export/save as .avi) videos...usually the processing takes under an hour... but now it takes 5 hours or more per video, then at the last minute, it sends a pop up saying "lame.exe error, program has to close" and VideoPad crashes. It says it has processed the file to 100% but when I try to play it, all I get is a message saying "can not process file" (from YouTube when trying to upload to YouTube) or "file corrupted" (from my PC when trying to play on ANY movie player software.)


I filed a bug report last week and they gave me a link to update, which I did, but still am getting this error and program crashing. (Have filed a 2nd bug report today), but was wondering if any one else has gotten this error and knows what it means and how to fix it?


Computer is Windows 10, if that makes a difference.



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Please try this.


I tried this fix on the 19th and for a few days that seemed to fix the problem, but today (22nd) it did it again, only not on every video. It seems to do it only on videos of 40 minutes or more. All my 5 minute to 30 minute videos export normally still, since the fix, but the 40 minute and hour+ ones still get the lame.exe error.



We have reproduced this problem and are working on it. It caused by the mp3 (native) codec component.


If you still getting this problem please choose another format (e.g. mp4) to export.


Okay. I will try that.


Thank you.

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