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No audio from m4a files recored on MacBook Pro


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I am using a MacPro 13" Retina running OSX 11.6, El Capitan. This is the same configuration that was used to record using a recorder switching app Simple Recorder. I recorded several hours of a conference to transcribe minutes of the meeting.


All of the files recorded as m4a files, and play back clearly on Quicktime, 5KPlayer, and others; so the audio is there. The files load into ExpressScribe and appear to be playing, as the counter is proceeding at a normal rate. However, there is no audio, at any volume. I have tried converting to aiff, wav, and mp3 with the same results. ExpressScribe's "welcome" file plays and the audio is loud and clear.


I purchased and downloaded the newest version of ExpressScribe, hoping that would help. It did not...problem persists.


It sure would be nice if such a vitally important tool, had a bit of real free support...at least during the set up and configuration time.

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This is not exactly the problem I have reported but it is sort of similar. I have tried for the last two years or so to play MP3 2-channel recordings, and Express Scribe will play Channel 1 but not Channel 2. Like you, I know the sound was recorded as I can hear both channels on Quicktime and other players. ES just doesn't "hear" Channel 2. I have THREE paid copies of Express Scribe and the problem occurs on my iMac running El Capitan but it started with Yosemite. The odd thing is, I have the same configuration on my Macbook Air, and both channels play fine. A representative did reply to my first post in two instances but the reply was not responsive to my problem. I answered the post giving a more detailed explanation of the problem, but I never heard anything further.


I agree with you that ES is a vitally important tool for me as I make my living as a transcriber, but the support has been lacking, unfortunately. I would gladly change to another foot-pedal-operated transcription app for Mac but so far I haven't succeeded in finding one.




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In regards to the Kyosaku .M4A file issue, go to Preferences > Playback and adjust/check the Volume level before playing the file, move the green bar all the way to the right. If you have done this already, proceed to reinstall the application, the version depends on the license activation date, for that you will need to contact NCH support(supportnch@nchsoftware.com) to confirm, for the moment, you can download and install a different version, copy and paste the next link on your browser address bar > https://files.fm/u/dcx55qeb

During installation, use the Replace option to overwrite your current version, then restart your system and re load the .M4A file to confirm. IF the issue persist, I suggest you to send the .M4A file you are having issues with to supportnch@nchsoftware.com for assistance.


In regards to Patita's Channel issue, my advise is to check on the Express Scribe Channels configuration, from the top menu > click on View > Show Channels Control > check mark both channels and turn them up(all the way to the right) and re test.


Best regards,

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I have done everything that you have suggested, other than installing an older version. I installed the newest version because 5.77 was having the same problem. A bit of hindsight and calendar checking shows that the last time I used Express Scribe was on a current version Mac Mini running Yosemite. Perhaps someone from NCH will shed some light on this problem.


Another test...was to record audio on Express Dictate. It plays back in that application but not Express Scribe, in which the counter and play bar both indicate it is reading the file but there is no sound. I converted the file to an mp3, still no sound in Express Scribe.


I guess when your the only game in town, you don't have to be very good.



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