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Click on "FX" at the bottom-left of a clip on a track, to open the effects window.

Click the green + sign and choose SCALE.


Or select a clip on the track and click the small arrow to the right of VIDEO EFFECTS icon in the menu bar.


Then either drag the handles of the image in the preview window, or move the sliders in the effect window.

Note the check box, to maintain aspect ratio..

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Borate's instruction will make your image full frame.

If however, you mean by Full Screen the PC screen you can click the top right hand corner of the preview pane (There is a little arrow there.)

The preview image will "Undock" as a separate window. You can now drag the sides out or in to make it "Full screen" If you are in Clip Preview mode you can still use the controls at the bottom to play and edit the clip. If you are in Sequence Mode you can use the controls to play the sequence.



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