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I am now the proud owner of VideoPad v.4.48 running on my Win.7 system on a PC (4 gigabyte ddr3 RAM and AMD II x2 2.7 gigahertz dual core processing).


I have been trying to edit MP4 video clips recorded by my smartphone running on Android.


Editing is a bit slow, but nothing compared with the **tedious slowness** of exporting my edited files ready for Youtube. It can take over an hour to export a 50 Mb clip only 40 seconds long. Ridiculously inefficient !


I wondered whether the embedded audio file is adding to the problem, but I cannot see how to chop it out of the video or turn it off.


I just can't believe I am having this problem. VideoPad looked like a neat solution to my needs. I'm beginning to wish I had not bought it. I did so although I'd rather have continued trying to test the export function before buying - but I was told my free trial had expired (after just one day !).


Can anyone suggest a solution, please?





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Exporting is a slowish business. However try these settings..


Export and select video file if its just for your PC

Leave Preset as Custom

Select Format .avi

Resolution as 1920 x 1080 You Tube 1080p (a lower resolution may be faster)

Framerate 29.97


Under Encoder Options

Select MPEG4 (Native)

Compression settings......slide to about 5 (If you use 1 for higher quality it will take much longer.)

Constant framerate

Sound MP3 (Native)


Export to your selected folder.


I have slower specs to yourself and have just exported 15 clips of around 40 megs in about 5 mins.


AS I mentioned in other posts, my PC used to be terribly slow rendering and exporting until I stopped background PC startup jobs running (like updaters etc....I used CCleaner) I also run the task manager processor usage indicator as a guide to what is running. (In Vista you can reduce the window to VERY small and show % usage) At rest it runs at 0-1% when previously it used to settle around 50%.- 60% ! The increase in rendering speed was surprising. Embedded audio should not have much effect. but if it is not wanted just unlink it from the video and delete it or mute it.



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Many thanks, @Einstein / Nat.

I will try these options. Is MP4 a lot more resource-intensive a format than AVI ?


I have enacted your recommendations, but as regards the following variables...

> Framerate 29.97

> Constant framerate

I can't find these mentioned in the dialogue boxes. Am I looking in the right place?


With thanks again for your advice.





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I'm only saying you may find these settings faster.. :-)


With your clips edited on the timeline...


Click on the Export tab (between Audio and Suite)

Select Video File at the left end.

In the Export Video window that comes up.......


Save to... use the default that comes up or browse to a folder of your choice.

Preset......Leave as Custom (or select Custom)

File Format ....Leave as .avi or select .avi from the down arrow list. (Note this is just a container for your video file)

Resolution.......Select the format and size you would like the output video to be.(Choose from the down arrow list)

NOTE: The rendering speed is greatly affected by the output format chosen. A smaller format will render much faster. What to shoose depends how you wish to use the finished article. Test will a short clip and see what you think.

Frame Rate......Depending on your TV system (PAL or NTSC) the default will be 25 or 29.7, otherwise if you are not outputting to a TV format select the same Frame rate as your original clip e.g. 30 fps/60fps

Tick the Constant frame rate box

Now click the Encoder Options button


Video Compressor......select MPEG4 (Native)


Click the Compression Settings button.

Use the slider to set the encoding quality of the output video. This can also alter the speed of rendering. 1 will be high quality but will render slightly more slowly whilst 31 will render slightly faster but with lower quality. Personally I don't notice see such a vast difference between these sttings but I would set the slider to about 4-5.

Export a short clip a few times with different slider settings and see what you think.

Sound Compressor......MP3 (Native)

Sound Format...............44100 Hz, 128 kbs Stereo

Now click OK

Click Create.


See how these settings work. The output will be an .avi file



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