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Hi, I tried downloading a old version (2.41) of VideoPad onto my windows but it won't let me download. It says it's not compatible, VideoPad 2.41 was fast when rendering videos ect. Is there a way around it? I find the newer version to be very slow when rendering videos ect.

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You don't say what Windows version you have but VP version 2.41 runs fine on my Vista PC. I actually work with the current version 4.48 but I can easily swap between the versions. However I find rendering still time consuming with either version.


If you have the original vppsetup.exe for 2.41 you should be able to just double click this and load that version, which is what I do from time to time. However 2.41 is incompatible with a project vpj file created with the current version and, I think 4.xx versions, as the data in both this file and in the cache is numbered and named differently. NCH, I believe have been working on a way to make earlier project files readable or vice versa but I don't think it extends back to 2.41.


If, by rendering you mean during editing..the creating of thumbnails etc. when clips are edited or when effects are applied etc. I found a vast improvement in speed when I stopped some of the background jobs that ran at PC startup as these would make the processor usage always settle around 50% with apparently no applications running. Rendering is quite processor intensive so try this and see if there is a difference in speed. In fact I always now have the task manager processor performance window displayed as a miniature window in order to monitor when jobs in VP are completed. It is up at this moment whilst on this forum along with Firefox browser......currently registering between 0 and 3% usage. During rendering this rises to between 85 and 100% and then drops back to around 2% indicating VP has completed the edit fully.



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