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VRS slpits recorded files occasionally


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I test VRS for recording voice from telephony board (I use Synway boards at this time). I established 4 lines for recording 4 telephone, also use COM port to control start/stop of them. But VRS occasionally (not always) split recorded file to 2 or three separated files (whole recording files duration are less than 5 min). This occur sometimes duration of recording and sometimes end of recording.

My Configs in Settings=>Options=>Recording tab are:

Maximum record file length: 60 mins

File overlap time:0

Align recording break times with time-of-day: ticked



Best regards,

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Have you tried selecting a different start/stop method to check if the issue is with the COM commands or if it is something else in the program. You may want to try using the Manual press to start/stop option and if the issue remains please contact NCH software support team for further advice.

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