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Removing Columns?

Bruce C

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I just started looking at this software today and need to know if a specific column can be removed. My business is a service/design business and I don't need the quantity column or the ability to extend quantities. We usually just use text descriptions. Is there a work around to remove a column I won't be using?




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Except for the quantity column, most columns will only appear if you use them. For example, if you don't put a discount on the invoice, that column will not appear, but if you do put on a discount, it will be there. And yes, you can rename them.

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I too have an issue with the Quantity Column. Yes, you can change the "name" BUT you cannot keep it from adding a number. This is confusing to our clients. Please give us an option to "Not Show Quantity Column". You have this option for "Show Item Column"....

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Hi @Bruce C


The columns such as Qty, Description, Unit Price, Tax and Total are mandatory, they are standard in accounting all over the world and therefore they can't be changed. When you go to Options\Invoice you can add\remove columns such as Item and Discount. 

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