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Customing buttons / fields displayed

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As background:

I use the Express Scribe window maximised (then resized to suit)

I use a footpedal to operate Scribe and rarely touch play etc buttons at the bottom of the screen

I general have long files to transcribe (30 to 90 mins)

I play with speed a lot when transcribing.


Now - I have problem in that I like to leave the Scribe window visible to one side of my Word window but I can't see the full width of the Scribe Window and my Word window simultaneously, so I'd like to make the arrow (play/fast forward etc) buttons smaller so that they take up less room. The speed and timestamps are important for me to see but the play etc buttons not at all. Alternatively if I could move things like the sender and time columns in the dictation list part of the screen it would put things like the duration and filename further to the right so that I could line up my Scribe window so that I see the right side of it only with the left side hidden by my Word window.


I really don't mind which adjustment (as above) I could make but would love to be able to change one of them so that all the fields/parts of the screen I need to see are visible at once, making work a bit easier for me.


Can anyone help with how I can adjust the layout to suit me?

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