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I would like to ask if there is an easy way or most effective way to animate digits in a counting manner.

Here is an example with after effects:


I can't afford after effects so i am currently looking for an cheaper alternative, but it would be more sufficient if videopad has the ability to produce the same effect, (if there is a way that i dont know of).

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Within VP there is no effect option for creating animated numbers per se, but it's not too difficult to produce simple counting digits..


Open VP, click on Tools-Media and enter the interval for your counting speed.....e.g. 0.5

Return to main screen.

Click"Add text"

Set up colour, font, position etc.These values will remain in force until you change them.


Enter digit.................1

Click "Add text"

Enter digit.................2

Click "Add Text"

Enter digit.................3

Click "Add Text.............................etc. & etc.


Grab all the text images and drag to the timeline...or place them individually in the order required.

The video will now show simple counting digits at 1/2 second intervals. Being transparent frames you could put them onto the overlay track so they play over a video clip on track 1


You can of course move the text images to a different position to the text defaults or animate each individual text image so the digits move around but then it becomes more laborious. You could add a border to them so they appear within a box.


If you find something that works, save it as a sequence and use it to repeat the count down....Count up?..reverse the clip or sequence.


This is a pretty simple workaround and if you look around the web you can download video clips that have animated digits that you can use within your own films.



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I see, this is pretty much what i have been doing for the past days. Unforetunately, my project requires me to use fast digit counting animations per every 10 seconds interval, which will take a lot of effort because the video project im working on is 10 minutes long, using the same method will take a lot of effort.

I guess i will look for another method, but thanks anyway for trying to help, i really appriciate it.

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