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Playing video files e.g. MP4

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Hi - my projects vary quite a lot and have used ES loads in the past to be able to watch video (for transcribing captions), logging shot changes, identifying speakers, etc. while transcribing the audio. Why can't I do this anymore? I can't seem to upload MP4s. I've tried converting to other video formats, but still won't work. I've tried various ways of getting them into ES e.g. not given option to 'transcribe with ES' on right click, so tried loading from ES (but ES won't 'see' the file in the folder they are saved to) and tried dragging and dropping but just got an error message and ES got 'stuck'. What's gone wrong? Is this some Windows 10 madness? I can't seem to get to the bottom of it. I don't mind I suppose if I have to buy a new version - not super pleased, NCH, that that's the case since upgrades seem to cost same as the original version you purchase - I think I must have bought loads of versions off you - Pro 5.85 at the mo - but not if that's not going to work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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MazC you may want to try this free version of the software from this link http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/essetup.exe

That version may have some limitation for the supported formats however, I already confirmed it plays mp4 videos just fine. In case you try it out and the issues remain you may want to check if other mp4 files can be played in Express Scrbe and also check if that one mp4 file you have issues with can be played on other media players. If you need more assistance about this issue remember that NCH Software offers free email support through this link http://www.nch.com.au/support/supportcontact.html

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Thank you SO much for your help. I've actually come up with a reason/solution which might be worth adding into any support material - the bits where it says about troubleshooting and file types? This is obviously me, a non techy talking, but maybe it can be translated into proper language!


So I found out there are different types of MP4s? HD, VGA, SD, HQVGA and one which I've got here as 'low' whatever any of that means. If you save your MP4 as 'low' it works in ES. I presume this relates to file sizes or some such and the rest are too big for ES? I probably sound really thick putting this here and everyone is saying, "Duh, didn't you know that?" :-)


Anyway I'm happy typing my captions, marking shot changes again and being to ID speakers as I transcribe my audio. :-)


Thanks again for your support and help. I love ES and no matter what anyone tells me about FTW transcription stuff, I'm sticking with it (as I have since 2009!) It would be good though if you could calibrate time stamps to video clips, as in if a video has an embedded time code and you want want ES time stamps to match that... For Christmas maybe!



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