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HELP! Video Editing Problem

Wild Pessimist

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You don't say what type of images you are using and I am presuming that you are placing them as overlays on a white blank main track image.

I have done this with transparent png images without any problems including some that showed a grey rectangle around them when being displayed in Windows folder view.

With VP version 4.48 and adding them as overlays I couldn't see any border lines similar to yours. Cropped pngs were OK as were uncropped images which I just moved to one side with the "Position" effect in order to show any possible edge line.

Perhaps the border line you are seeing is actually part of your images.


If the line you are getting is inherent to the image you are using then I would simply apply the "Crop" effect to trim it off.

As an alternative you could use the "Border" effect to add thin white covering line around each image corresponding to the color of the white background.



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This is a problem i deal with a lot when creating images used to key over other images.


Key or matte effects require that the background of the image that is keyed over another image be a suitable, solid continuous color.


In order to achieve this effect, I use a "loud" color like blue or green to fill the background. this "loud" fill color exposes pixels that you missed when trying to create a uniform background color. Simply use an eraser tool in your favorite graphics editor (mine, perversely, is Windows Paint) until you have a solid background with no artifacts - like the thin, ghostly border lines in your graphic, above.


Once you have completely cleaned up the background, you can use your fill tool to change the background color to whatever you want - like white in your case.


Here is the really important part: DO NOT SAVE THE GRAPHIC USING THE GIF FORMAT! Doing so will re-introduce off-color pixels into the background leaving you back where you started - and possibly worse. Save the cleaned up graphic in a file format like 24-bit .bmp that saves solid colors as solid colors. Then, and only then, can you experiment with useful graphic formats like JPG or PNG to see if the key-able/matte-able solid background color that you wanted remains that way - solid.


I hope that this helps!

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