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Transfer project between iPad and Windows?

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How do you transfer a project between iOS 9 iPad 2 and Windows 10 PC? Through iTunes File Sharing, I can copy the .mpdp file okay but not the corresponding .ProjectData folder from my iPad 2 to my Windows computer. And the folder does not open in iTunes to get its contents.


I see the Windows app supports DropBox but I don't see any such support in the iOS app.


Am I missing something? Both of these are the free versions.

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I was missing something, not having used iTunes File Sharing very much in the past. I was using drag'n'drop which works for the top level files but not folders. Way off the screen and only accessible by scrolling to the very bottom is the "Save to..." button which does copy the selected files and folders. So my memory-starved 16GB iPad 2 does not have to store everything I make with MixPad. What a relief!

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