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Inserting new Still Image moves everything else around

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I have a video of a narrator. I want to add the still images from her Powerpoint by dissolving back and forth between her and the slides.


In order to keep the original video synchronized I kept it as Track 1, but separated it from the audio. That way, I can split it into video clips if needed for transitions back and forth.


But, each time I add a still to video Track 2, everything stays put nicely. But I have to change the "speed" of each image so it appears for the right length of time. When I do change it to, say 30 percent speed, everything else, including the audio track (which is split from the countdown beeps) moves waaay around, like minutes apart on each track. As I add images, I've tried to pin the new ones down by keeping the editing cursor where I want the new clip to start. So, it starts at the right spot, but when I adjust its duration, everything else moves way out of place.


The way I've inserted each image, it's in Video Track 2, above its proper place in the video of the narration. On playback, it cuts to the image just fine and there's plenty of space for each one to "grow." I change each image's "speed" so it lasts the right duration while the narrator's talking about it. There's still space left after changing the duration.


But changing the speed moves everything else around, too, seemingly randomly. They are far out of place, especially the video and audio of the narrator. That's about 45 minutes total, moves together though they are split from one another, but leave minutes of blank space between the countdown and the start.


The resulting jumble is way too hard to re-place in the timeline each time I add something. There will be about 50 slides when the whole thing is done!


What am I missing?




PS I tried to change the subject line of this post, but it won't let me.

It should say: "Changing duration of stills above continuous video moves everything else around"

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You can manage dissolves - from video to slide and back again - as described in the response/s to your other post.


Don't change the speed of a still image. Instead, drag the borders of the still clip, on the time line, to shorten or lengthen the time the image will be on-screen. This shouldn't affect other video or audio tracks.

To ensure that it doesn't LOCK them with the lock icon that's to the left of each track.

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