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Won't load mp3 files


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For some reason, my (free) version of Express Scribe sometimes refuses to load mp3 files - including files that I have previously loaded successfully! It comes up with the screen that tells me I need to purchase the full version. I've only had the programme about a week.


Does anybody have any suggestions as to what's going wrong?


Thanks in advance

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I also am having the same ongoing problem as noted above.  MP3 files will not load, and I get a peculiar partially-obscured error message about the file being corrupt. (It is not.) Because the message is obscured, I cannot see any kind of error code.

I realize the other entries in this thread were a while back.  Has a workaround been identified, by chance?  I have upgraded from free to Pro 8.06, but the problem persists exactly as with the free version.  It's getting pretty frustrating.

I've run the compatibility trouble-shooter, tried loading in different ways (drag and drop, load via Express Scribe command, etc.).  Any ideas would be appreciated!  Many thanks.

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