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The Program crashes whenever I try to adjust any of the effects' parameters

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So, the Program crashes whenever I try to adjust any of the effects' parameters (and I'm talking about the default, built-in, effects, not some third party plugins). Even reinstalling did not help. What is wrong?


Videopad version 4.45

Windows 7 x64


I'm updating my videodriver now, but I can' imagine it'll help :(


EDIT updating my videodriver *DID* help!!!


EDIT #2 Only regarding some filters. I just foudn out that some simple filters (like 'Exposure' and 'Shake') still cannot be touched without a crash... Now I'm wondering what the bigger mystery here is: the program being released with all those crappy bugs in its basic options or the fact that the developers expect you to pay for it :wacko:

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Bugs in the release versions are unintentional.


If you can provide more detail (for example, steps and/or files that can reproduce the crash), we'll send you a free license key of the latest version which with the fix applied.


Best Regards,

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Thanks for the feedback and the offer. It seems that certain effects (which I would presume to be basic) trigger a guaranteed crash, no matter what file I use (like, touching the slide on the 'Transparent' filter, which is default at 50% but seems to be designed to be customized from 0-100 — this always triggers a crash. And I have similar experiences with other effects.)


Unfortunately I don't think I have much time for the next 10 days or so because of work (I work at irregular times, and in some periods I enjoy a lot of free time, while in others I have to compensate that) so I'm not sure whether I can narrow it down more within that time. I'll let you know though.


I should also simply re-download the version and re-install from the new file; maybe something has gone corrupted in the install file.

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It seems that most (if not all) the adjustable parameters of Video Effects (and I mean the basic, default ones) trigger a crash. I suppose I could send you a video fragment, but as my program does so with every file, that seems moot to me.


I'm gonna see if I can find another download location for the program and see if that helps.

EDIT It didn't. It seems that the problem my computer has with VideoPad is more fundamental.


Does VideoPad make use of some auxillary software like C++, VirtualBasic, .NET, Java or whatever (I'm not a programmer, so to me these all belong in the same category) ? I see that I recently installed Microsoft SQL server 2005 and Microsoft Visual C++ — without my knowledge; I presume these might have come with Windows Movie Maker. Could any of these cause the problem?

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It is really hard to tell what causing it. I think it must related to your computer since you are the only one that reports this issue. However we would sill like to know if there is a bug in VIdeoPad.


Would you mind run a diagnostic build which generates trace log and send the trace log back to us?

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:) :) :)


I just found out that, on my *other* computer, which I spec-wise consider the 'lesser' one, the program seems to work fine!! (I only tested "Crop", but that certainly would have caused a crash on my 'main' computer.)


So, I'll be sticking to the 'lesser' computer (btw my main, while able to smoothly render games like WoW and SWTOR, regulary crashes on a browser game like Forge of Empires, so there's indeed some weird issue deep within it, and I might indeed do what you [borate] suggest, thanks!!)



EDIT :( :( :( The "Shake" effect (under 'Motions and Transform') renders the same crash result (crash when I try to adjust its settings) as on my other computer.


EDIT 2: So does Fish Eye.



Btw both these computers run on Windows 7. Am I the only one still using that?

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:) I think I more or less narrowed down the problem!!!


I just discovered that I couldn't even use the Crop effect anymore, even though I could when i just installed the program. So, I unloaded all of the VirtualDub plugins that I got from some huge pack, and also three separate ones*. And now Crop works again. I'll update when there's more progress (just in case someone within three years or so will find this thread, having the same problem. I hate it when I google a problem, and find a potentially helpful thread which then just seems to stop in the middle :) )


Btw I strongly suspect "Old Movie" msu_oldcinema_20.vdf to be the culprit. It doesn't really work too well anyway: most of its option won't stick (you can set them after going to some trouble, but they will snap to default anyway). Too bad, it has the huge advantage over the default "Old Film" in that can leave the coloring as it is. Anyway, I will no longer just load plugins without needing them, but I can ofcourse still use it in a dedicated mini-project, export the result and use that in a general project.


*(I work with Photoshop a lot, and whenever I have to reinstall, I'm in the habit of installing as much plugins as I can lay my hands on. Even the faulty ones only cause trouble when called upon, not if they're only just there. So, I assumed, without a conscious thought, that VideoPad would act the same. But apparently 'loading a plugin' does involve more than just indexing the path towards the plugin location.)

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A bad behaved VirtualDub plugin can definitely cause the issue. While editing effects, VP needs to re-apply the entire effect chain for any change in order to interactive with the user. So if you have a VirtualDub effect in your effect chain, the VirtualDub effect will also be re-computed when you changed other effects in the chain.

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