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FX: "Old Movie" available in color? And some other Qs

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Hello all,


So, I just starting looking into the effects. The first one that I wanted to use is the 'Old Movie' effect.

  1. I want to use this Effect WITHOUT making my video black and white. Of course, old movies are usually in black and white, but my source material is already fairly monochrome (not 100% but, say, 95% as it is all in close related red tints) and I want to preserve that. Seems like a simple thing to me, but maybe this option just wasn't build into this Effect.
  2. A more general question: I see we can turn off certain aspects of the overall effect (in this case 'shakes', 'flickers', 'spots' and 'lines') but is there a way to set the extent of these aspects instead of only on or off? I think the shaking is cool, but it is way too much; I'd like to try it on 25% or so; is that possible at all? There's a parameter menu for each aspect, but it's not really intuitive.


EDIT I found the VirtualDub "Old Cinema" filter, which is allegedly more adjustable than the in-built 'Old Movie' effect, but when I go its advanced settings section and try to set some parameters, I get the error message " /!\ please enter more then zero" — I even get that message when I do not change anything at all! Is this a bug?? It would suck if I can never use the advanced settings :(

EDIT #2 I found that changing the Color correction settings from No Changes to Manual linear, checking the Fade color effects, and changing the Count frame at the bottom into anything large, makes the filter work. I find it strange that the default values of the advanced settings can't be parsed by the program.

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Note: You can add "Shake" as an effect in itself. Unclick it in "Old film" effect pane and add "Shake" as a separate effect.

If you don't want black and white you could also add the "Sepia" effect but it's no substitute to having a coloured "old film" clip.


The nearest you can get currently to what you require is....


Place the clip on Video Track 1 and also on Video track 2. LIne them up. Video track 2 is the overlay track and for a start is the only one you will see if the sequence is played.


Now add your "Old Film" effect to Video Track 1.

Add the "Transparency" effect to Video track 2


The default Transparency (Opacity) is 50% so when the sequence is now played you will see your "Old" film in black and white through the normal coloured clip on Track 2.

You should be able to adjust the transparency (opacity) so the sequence looks like an old coloured clip. Try about 60% opacity for a start. The higher the value the more colour and the less "Old film" effect.



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Yes I was contemplating such a multi-layer approach. I would have imagined the other way around though (because that's how I would do it in photoshop, which would only work if some plugin allows for a photoshop-like approach (I did see something in some filter, but it'll take some time to find it again as I disabled all the custom plugins)


It's mainly the clicks and scratches that I want, not so much the shaking.


Thanks again, gotta run now!

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