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I have a video I took while I was riding in a car. I want to crop out the bottom portion of the clip so as not to see the car. I can easily crop the bottom portion out, but I want to vertically re-center the cropped image in the middle of the frame. Is this possible? Right now the resulting video image sits on a large black space kind of like an unbalanced "letterbox" effect. It's distracting to me.


I tried playing with the zoom to accomplish the same thing, but I don't like the way the zoom appears to stretch the image to fit the space vertically. Is there a way to constrain zoom to maintain the same height of the original space but relocate the image, perhaps?


Thanks in advance.

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Yes, POSITION will enable you to drag your resultant cropped image near to a central position, but as you have found, you now have borders. You will therefore now need to use the SCALE effect to enlarge the clip so that the borders no longer show.

If, however, you have simply cropped the bottom from your clip it will no longer have the same aspect ratio as the original. SCALE will enable you to remove the border but in doing so you may lose some of the top of the clip or the sides of the clip. It depends on how much you cropped off.

You will have to experiment a bit so you get the best effect.



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