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Really need help!


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Last week I purchased the Video Pad software to make graduation videos for my 2 grandchildren. Spent hours putting together pictures with music and I get all done and try to export it to a DVD movie. Unfortunately when it is going through the burn process it crashes. I have tried several things with no success! When the process gets to the process of verifying the burn it kicks my disc out and gives me a message that there is no disc in the drive! If I put it back in it appears to finish but will not play in my DVD player. It will play on my laptop but not in a DVD player as I have tried two different ones. To save time below is what I have tried so far:

-Bought new DVD+R discs

-Tried to export the video to my laptop and burn with another software which gave me the following error code "The files are not in DVD-Video format (VOB, BUP, and IFO).

- Refuse to pay another $60 to purchase the express burn software "just" to see if it would work.


I am not real tech savvy and am concerned that I am doing something wrong....

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Hi Judymk,


It sounds like a hardware compatibility issue. We need to send you a diagnostic build to find out what's wrong.


Which platform you are on? Windows or Mac? Could you tell me the version number?

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