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How to add VST Plugins

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I have been on the NCH page that shows additional VST add ons. The directions state:

How to download and use VST Effects in WavePad Sound Editor:

  • Download one of the free VST effects from the above list. When you install these effects, you will need to specify a location on your computer to save them. It is normally a good idea to create a folder called "VST" and save all your VST effects there.
  • Once you have downloaded and saved your VST plugin to your chosen VST folder, open WavePad and from the top Effects menu choose "VST Plugins."

I have Wavepad 6.51 for the MAC. It says that this is the latest version. When I go to the Effects menu there is no VST Plugins choice.

How do I add VST plugins to the folder that I have created?

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Hi livelonger,

Unfortunately, VST plugins are only supported in the Windows version of WavePad. Sorry for the confusion.




Sorry to bump an older post, but is there any update to this issue yet? I just did days of testing and research in order to decide on which stereo editor to purchase for my business. In the end, based on features and workflow, I chose WavePad. I've finally gotten to the editing stage of my mastering, and alas.... I can't use my VST plugins. What the heck? Nowhere other than a single question buried within the FAQ does it say that the Mac version of the Mastering Edition of the program doesn't support VST, and I've already paid for my license, as well as purchased other pieces of software from the suite. Please tell me that you have plans in the works for adding the many features that the Mac version appears to be missing. I must admit, I feel pretty duped, and extremely disappointed in my decision.


I'd love to get some insight or thoughts from an NCH staff member on this, because I need to know whether or not to continue using WavePad, or if I should be spending my time learning a different platform.

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Wait! You're not serious. I paid for the Master edition of Wavepad because it was clearly stated that to use VST plugins I would need to pay $70. Now that you have my $70 you're saying, "Sorry, we don't support plugins for Mac?" WTF? Do we get a refund 'cause that's clearly false advertising. Tell me I'm confused. 


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I'm running windows 10 on an HP laptop, Reaper running like a raped ape, all my other software screaming Let's go, and  I hit a brick wall with WavePad as the final link in my chain! I would really like to use it as my alternative to Adobe Audition.  But I have followed the instructions meticulously, and still can't find my VST plug ins.  To be fair, it's the same with every other "free" audio editor I have downloaded and spent hours trying to get to work with vst plugs.  It's like a conspiracy.  What's up with the vst  path and it appearing to be a black hole? I'd really like to see someone with the cahones to pick this up and tell us the truth. Ron Livingston  ronl2@verdeonline.com

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I have the home-trial version of Wave Pad. For whatever reason, it does not load all  of my VSTs. I have directed the program to the correct folders and I've checked  every VST in another program and they all work. 

Is the free version limited to only so many VSTs?

Also, Wave Pad does not load Amp sims VSTs. Only some effects. Why does it not use amps?



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I very late to the party here, but this is how you add vst to wavepad. Download into a vst plugin folder you have created somehwere on your pc, then unzip  the folder. open wavepad, under the custom tab navigate to the vst tab, open that, add the path to your vst folder, click ok. close wavepad. Open it back up. now you should see at least some of your plugins listed when you choose select.

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