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Debut suddenly says I can't record unless I purchase professional version!

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Yesterday in the midst of several busy things going on in my life, Debut suddenly decided I can't record unless I purchase the professional version. Say what? I have already purchased the basic program twice - when it stopped working the first time in frustration, I purchased it again last August and it has worked fairly well with a few hiccoughs on the way. Now I can do nothing and it is frustrating me no end.

Has anyone had this happen? What did you do?

I hesitate to spend money yet again to purchase the professional version and not get the click here to begin dialogue box.

I have e-mailed Debut and of course, no answer is forth coming. Hoping someone can help!


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Hi Sheila F,

Once you have purchased there should be no need to purchase again. Can you please contact our support staff via email at supportnch@nchsoftware.com - they will be able to help you with restoring your licence.



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Sheila, we have the same problem, justĀ 6 days ago I bought MixPad Multitrack Mixer (Master's Edition) and every time the recording stops at any time, it is frustrating the situation, I already communicated with the technical service but nothing positive happened, they only make me Questions, I think this problem is generalized, what I have of advantage is that I can still ask for a refund if this is not repaired. Greetings.

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