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"Zoom flow" is constantly interrupted because zoom stops!

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Hi, well, I dont think this will yield any solution but still I'll try my luck: (Programmers and developers, are you reading this, please?!)


When I use the Zoom feature to get a "Ken Burns" effect on my slides it's really easy to mark the start and end windows for each slide (and I'd buy the full prog in a heartbeat!) -- and yet the end result is very disappointing if not unusable.


Why? Because every zoom glide stops midway through the transition into the next slide and only then the next zoom glide starts!


This is like driving your car and braking every few seconds, only to accelerate again.


Could you make this adjustable, please? Or does anybody have the same experience? I have to say I am a Cyberlink Powerdirector user for video editing and it has a slide feature built into it which does not stop zoom glides --- which is perfect!!..... but the downside is the start and end windows strangely enough never fit (or can't be size-adjusted 100%!) to fit the 16:9 picture and it's a nerve-wrecking pain in the butt having to adjust each and every frame AND not having control over the full picture area! Yes, I mailed them but no answer.



So in a nutshell: your prog would be very nice to operate since I only do classic "Ken Burns" slideshows but I want "no-stop" zooms! Try (as a little test) the "wave" effect with persons or vertical objects - they just freeze during the transition and after a short while the next person or object starts to "wave" left and right... which looks totally jarring and takes you right out of the "slideshow flow".


Is there any help...?! Thanks for reading!

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