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Green screen/Chroma key problem, version 4.40


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Hi guys, I'm new here.


I 've been using Videopad for a while but with version 4.40 there is a serious issue that I can't resolve.


When I select the green screen effect, I can choose the green colour but normally after

that, in the previous versions ''you can change the foreground and background settings

of the combined 2 images, with sliders.'' They are gone now.


Now my image looks horrible because I can't get rid of the green halo around my object.


Does anyone know where the sliders are please??


Or is it possible to change it with a precious version of Videopad? I paid for it and don't

want to have registration issues or anything...


Thank you so much for your help!!



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Thanks for replying, I have that too yes.


But does this replace the background and foreground sliders?


Before I could really remove the green edges that were left around the subject.

Now it just stays there, really weird. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong :D


Otherwise I need to put a picture..


I'll come back with what I mean in case it doesn't work out.

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Threadhold and Fadding do the same job as what Forground and Background do before.


You can also try the Base On option.


You should be able to get the exact same result as previous versions. Otherwise yes, please share the files so we can have a look.

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As said, here I include a link with the stuff I was trying to edit. You'll see a strange goofy woman doing a testvideo.. Eh yeah, me.

So if someone could explain what I'm doing wrong, that would make me me very gratefull!




Thanks in advance!

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Clean chroma keying relies upon good contrast between subject and green screen, which is not the case with your video. You're in the dark. Play around with the blue slider..

Change your lighting.


VP's chroma keying is basic and lacks a color picker. Plugins may be available to achieve better results???

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You made me laugh there Einstein :lol:


But when you say, no colourpicker, for me there is one, I mean I can select light green, dark green, any green or other colour.

Or are you talking about something else?


I agree that my lighting is defenitly not the greatest.

I use working lights, but I got less strong lightbulbs now because I think it is overlighted.


But the strange thing is:

in the previous version of Videopad that I had, i did some try-outs and it was just fine with the same lighting.


I will put the link in here later today so you can see that before I had no issues with the settings.

No green edges and no squarished edges.


to be continued...

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That is interesting. No doubt the NCH folks would appreciate seeing the comparison.


"Color picker" was referring to an eye-dropper that can be clicked within the screen area, to select the precise color, if there are slight variations.

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Yes!!! Now I remember, I know what you are talking about now.

I totally forget about that, that's why it went way faster last time.


I noticed in the new version, that it still exists I think, thanks to someone else on Youtube.



When you take the green screen effect, you have to hover with the mouse over the image with the green

and then the pointer turns into this little pen and then it picks the color green automatically when you click the area.



I compared the video below with the previous one. And indeed my lighting is completely different.

The green was a tad darker and my face has more light.





I have read that you have to put a backlight too, wich i never did yet.

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