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Grouping eighth notes / quavers

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Hi, I am fairly new to this software, but I must say I really like it.


However, I am trying to write something in 9/8 time, and the eighth notes or quavers just come up as individual notes, rather than grouping in 3's.


Is there a way to customise how you want something to look?


Also, sometimes, When I want to separate an eighth note and have an individual eighth note and then two joined together, I don't seem to be able to do that either.



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Hello, currently the software is offered as is, so no customization is offered. Regarding the eighth note, since all the notes should last the same time it does not make a difference if they are joined or if they are separated. The music standard is to group every 4 notes per bar or every 8 notes depending on the note used. but each note would always have the same value (time) regardless if they are all grouped or not.

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