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I just upgraded and I've got to say the explorer-like interface on the bottom left panel is very confusing. I'm used to manipulating playlists via external saving and importing. Is the window showing the playlists just showing a defined directory path are they stored internaly by Zulu ?


Regardless how the playlists are being stored, the performance has dropped by a factor of 3 while trying to load my previous playlist. At times Zulu wil lock up showing 4 G (50%) of memory usage and 100% CPU usage. ( Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel i5 CP M560 2.67 Ghz, 8G RAM, Lenovo Thinkpoad T410)


When I did get my Master list loaded I cannot link the playlist item to an existing local audio file. I've tried about 10 different files and the playlist item goes black then quckly flashes back to a red colored font.


If I just "add" the song again, i goes to the bottom of the playlist but then I can't move it unlike the previous Zulu version were I could change the song order by selecting and dragging.


I'e been a Zulu customer for over 3 years and I must say this "upgrade" breaks lot of existing funtionality. Thank God I don't have a DJ job coming up or I would be really up a creek.


Is there a patch available?


Thanks, Cliff

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