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Printing PDF export errors Mac OS X


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We are experiencing errors when printing and exporting PDF with ClickCharts 1.41 on Mac OS X 10.10.5 & 10.11.3.

Printing different files on different printers generate an error : offending command, setmiterlimit

When exporting PDF, main parts of images are missing.


Could you help us?



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I am using version 1.5 of Clickchart on a mac with OS X El Capitan Ver 10.11.4 and I am still having the problem of not being able to export or print to a .pdf file. I lose almost all of my chart.


Is there something else I can try?






We did not see any problem or data loss during pdf export in Clickchart Mac. Can you send us a sample or video file to replicate it?

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I am using Mac Yosemite 10.5.5 and a 2015 version of Adobe Reader.

I have a 6 page clickcharts doc, 3 with just b&w text and 3 with flow charts.

When exporting to a PDF, the text is fine, but the charts are just blank pages.

I am also getting the 'Token Not Recognised' error when opening the exported & emailed PDF on a Windows PC.

Any ideas?




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