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Compression, amplification - how to get a 'normalised' volume?


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Hi Guys


I tried to 'normalise' the volume of my video over the weekend with dismal results - some parts were still too quiet but mostly was of the correct volume so did not want to up that level any more.


Is there a simple way to normalise the volume (as per radio transmissions, no sound too quiet, max volume very much controlled) using the compressor and amplify audio effects? (Was there not a preset in a previous version that did this?)


One problem I have is that it is apparent that I just don't understand the compression audio effect controls at all (I thought I was getting the hang of it but it all went awry). Any pointers, please?

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Hi Aresby,


We've planed adding a automatically audio normalize feature in VideoPad like the one in WavePad. But you have to manually adjust the volume for now.


The easiest way is use the volume adjustment line in the ClipPreview window:




You can simply click on the blue line to add a new keyframe.

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An automatic audio normalise is definitely what I want and need but the alternative method you describe will be a workaround for now, thanks for the carrot you have tempted me with in a future release!


I'm guessing I could also use that to get rid of coughs and the like rather than cutting out a section which then disturbs the video (obviously). Cool. And thanks.

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This audio process mostly referred as 'Limiter' , 'Normalize' etc . (Compressor is something different)


Since Videopad does not provide something similar , you have to extract audio , process it with some audio software , and then re import it in videopad .







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Thanks for those links, I shall explore.


But I really want that in-built normaliser that c_major has dangled in front of me, my needs are fairly simple.


The reason I mentioned compression is that I thought I could amplify 200% (the entire audio) and then use the compressor to get it all back down below 0dB sort of normalised but that's not working for me. Ho hum.

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NORMALIZING may not do what you want.

Normalize detects the highest peak and adjusts the gain of the entire track. But clips are not corrected individually.


To quote a WEB source...

"To normalize audio is to change its overall volume by a fixed amount to reach a target level. It is different from compression that changes volume over time in varying amounts. It does not affect dynamics like compression, and ideally does not change the sound in any way other than purely changing its volume."

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Back in 2000 , Ulead Media Studio (6.x) supported DX plugins so I used 'LoudnessMaximizer' , FinalPlug' etc ,

Back in 2003 , Pinnacle Studio 9 came with 'Leveler' but also supported VST plugins so I also used 'FinalPlug' and 'TC - Limiter'

Nowdays most video packets include something similar (like 'Dynamics' , 'New Blue Audio Polish' etc) but they are also support both VST and DirectX audio plugins so you have plenty free options ( http://www.kvraudio....lm[]=500&bl[]=t ) .

Since VP does not have something similar you have to do this by the hard way . (process the audio externally using audio editor)

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