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  • Added zooming and scrolling controls to effect animation editor.
  • Added right click context menu to effect animation editor.
  • Added "Append effect chain to selected" (instead of replace) button.
  • Changed effect mask behavious. Now the mask itself are also effected by transformation (i.e. position, rotation, scale and motion) effects.
  • Added Clear Mask effect which clear previous mask in the effect chain.


  • Hardware accelerated effects causing crash on some display drivers.
  • Fixed audio position is incorrect when export only a section of the sequence.
  • Fixed transparent pictures with soft edge are displayed incorrectly.
  • Help pages are updated.

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What O/S does this apply to? I don't see it yet on the download page.


In your future posts announcing new releases, it would be helpful if you indicated what O/S the release is for.



Thanks for the continuing improvements!

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Any topic about a new release is a Windows version.

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