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Express Accounts do not offer the option at this moment to create recurring automatic payments, what you can create is a template for the payment order you create so this can help you save time but all the payment transactions need to be done manually to avoid mismatches.

To create payment templates follow these steps:

Enter a payment transaction as described above, but before you record the transaction, click the Save As Templatebutton in the lower left of the dialog. Enter a name for the template and click OK. The template will be available for use next time you enter a payment or purchase.

To use a template, open the payments and transactions dialog as described above, and click the Use Template button in the lower left of the dialog. Select the template you need to use from the list and click Load. The payment template will be loaded into the Payments and Purchases dialog. Make sure the details are as you expect them, then click Recordto apply the payment.

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   I can't make a payment, that is an issue. The PayPal page is asking (You’re setting up automatic payments for future purchases on NCH Software.)
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I think you are not asking something related to a payment made using Express Accounts but a payment for a software you purchased from NCH Software. If that is the case, it sounds like you paid for a quarterly plan which is billed every three months unless cancelled. If you want to cancel the subscription plan, you need to do it through PayPal.

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