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New Bug - Applying Audio Effects to "All"


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I selected multiple clips in a audio track, selected the first one, then scrolled to the end of the track, held Shift and clicked, all selected.


Then I went to the menu bar, Audio Effects, Amplify, Apply to All, choose, the Amount i wanted amplified, 150, close it, the only track that is amplified to 150 is the last one, the rest are at default, 100.



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Your method does seem to fail. Here's another approach that succeeds here...


1. Select the desired audio files

2. Click the FX button at the bottom-left of any audio clip

3. Click the AMPLIFY effect

4. Make your adjustment

5. Click the APPLY TO ALL green icon on the effects window toolbar


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The old "Apply to All" method is deprecated and will be removed soon. It adds the effect too all selected clip with the default parameters but has no effect after the parameters are changed.


It's not a new bug though. In fact that's one of the reason we've re-done the UI for effect editing.


Thanks borate for showing the correct steps.

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