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RecordPad sometimes records at DOUBLE speed (fast speed, high pitch)

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RecordPad sometimes records audio at double speed and high pitch. This happens after re-boot of a computer. After another re-boot, the new recordings will record normally. Re-booting somehow changes some internal (invisible) settings or parameters or variables of RecordPad. Note: high speed and high pitch recordings can be played on WavePad by using Voice -> "Speed and Pitch Change" tool of the Menu, and changing the recorded track to 50% of "Speed and Pitch Change". This happens on many versions of RecordPad: old versions and new versions. This happens on both x86 and x64 Windows.

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Hi DebutVideoCaptureUser1234,

There seems to be some sort of conflict going on between Debut (which based on your user name I assume you have installed) and RecordPad. I will have someone look into this and see if we can find a fix.



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