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Web Access Problems


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I have been trying to set up Web Access so my accountant can log into and download any Invoices he needs. I keep getting an error that says this.


document.cookie = 'expressinvoice_sess=spudruqfk4; path=/';

window.location = 'chooseprofile';

I have set up the correct port forwarding. It says that my "Network is configured properly". Local network login is brings up error and outside login attempt from my accountant brings up same error.


All access boxes are checked.



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Make sure you have open the port 96, which is the port the software use by default. This could be done with your internet service provider. Once you do this, follow the steps below: 

1. Click the "Options" button on the toolbar
2. Select "Web Access" from the list on the left
3. Select the check box for one or both of the following options
---Allow access to Express Invoice on the local network
---Allow access to Express Invoice from the internet (Cloud Access)
4. We recommend checking the box for "Turn Web Access on when this computer is running"
5. In the Web Accounts section, click the "Add"... button
6. Enter the information for each user
7. Give each user the web access address from the Browser Access section
8. Give each user the password you created for them when setting up their User Account
9. Click "OK" to save your changes and close the window


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