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Download not reliable

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Dear all,


we Fling version 2.35 to upload and download files. Download from a remote site to a local folder seems not to be reliable. Until yesterday worked very reliably. Suddenly stopped working. We use housekeeping from folders to download files, though we set it up to check automatically every 5 minutes. One another strange thing is, scan manually again is not working also - no transfer - no message. Only via housekeeping and download we get the files.


Any ideas ?

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Hello, if the issue started "out of the blue" then is probable that something have changed on the computer the program is running. Just to confirm or discard this option could you try restoring your computer to a date prior to this issue started to happen? To restore your computer you can use the restore system tool in Windows. In case the issues remain after that it would be better to contact NCH Software support team for further assistance.

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