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Major Rendering Error, when doing a segment of a sequence.


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Recently upgraded to 4.33 and now there appears to be a major rendering error when I render a small segment of a sequence.


As you can see in the picture, I have time edited a small portion of my main sequence for an opening, approximate 20 secs, when I "export" that area to video, it exports the video as expected, however it takes the first x amount of sound on the main sequence instead of the sound that is for that part of the segment.


Then, when I play the video, the video plays where it should, and the sound last as long as the video, then it shows where the video stopped for the entire length of the actual segment, which is 20 min or so. The actual segment I need is only 20 or so seconds.


I have not rendered an entire video yet, in the new version.....



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I went to the main seq, pulled it up in the clip preview, and then selected the area that I wanted exported with the blue and red slides. Then exported the video.


The video exported where I wanted, there is the appropriate amount of sound time, however the sound is from the first 20 secs of the main seq, not the area that I isolated. After the video portion is over, the rest of the time on the exported video is silence for 20 plus minutes, and no video.

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In the interim, split the desired export section at head and end, then select all clips in that area.

Right-click and COPY.


Click the + tab to the right of the word SEQUENCE (to the left and above the timeline), to add a new sequence.

Right-click and PASTE.


Export THAT sequence.

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