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Debutt Used up mysystem HDD


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Hi, I've recently purchased Debutt V2.26 and Video pad editor V 4.31 , Debutt used all me system hdd , event I have set video out for other video Hdd , but my system is full after 1 hour on youtube video online , I have 70 gig hdd for my system hdd , I checked my system hdd is about 10gig for left for memory , But after debutt captured video all my system memory were gone , I set video out put for other video hdd , I cleaned up My C disk , and Defragment and delete cache files in temporary history setting , But it could help to get back my memory .

Please , Some one Tell me are there any hiding memory mirror in ay place in DEbutt capture video V2.26 and Video pad editor V4.31 software , I do not have these problem before , Just after Debutt video captured online and Video pad edited video and burned to DVD . My system is stuck memory now ,

Any help will appreciated

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I'm not sure that I completely understand you, however...


70GB is quite small for a system drive, by the way.


I never save video recording files to system HDD, I save to a separate partition which is reserved for all data files.


After installing Debut you can choose where to save your recordings in the Options, under Output (but my version may be set out differently from yours, as it is older - still, you should find something similar).


Make a new folder for your videos on the drive that has space.





Also, check the format that you are recording in. If you are using "fast capture mode" the files will be enormous. I use mp4 as it is easier to edit the recordings; avi would be slightly better quality and bigger files.


If my reply is not relevant to your problem, just ignore me ;)

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Hi , Thank you very much For your quick responding , I've got problem Fixed , The problem is from anather software Video pad editor OPTION setting , to set the Temporary files to other Hdd instead system drive default Instructed by NCH Tech support team , Once again thank you very much It work OK now .

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