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Speech to Text - Does not make sense


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I recently purchased the express scribe transcription software pro in the hopes of being able to transcribe the files (via speech to text) that were sent from the dictation app on the iphone.


In doing research for various programs we liked express scribe transcription software because it would encrypt the dictation files, which you needed to purchase the software to download and listen to the files. Also when we researched the software said it had the option of speech to text after you purchased it (we could not try this with the demo version). So now we've purchased the app for the iphone to send the dictations and upload them to the software but when I press speech to text it does not make any sense, (no where when I was looking at the software did it say anything regarding Speech Recognizer) so I've looked further and the engine we are using is Microsoft Speech Recognizer 8.0 for Windows.


We wanted a program where we could 1.) Dictate via the phone and 2.) send the files to be transcribed via speech to text so that we wouldn't have to type EVERYTHING and would mostly just need to make edits.


Does anybody know if there is better version of the Speech Recognizer or what we could do so that the text makes sense, or any other apps & programs that work better?





Thank you


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