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Using Express Rip via the NCH Unified API

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In the NCH Unified API readme.html appears this line: "You should consult the documentation for the NCH software application you wish to communicate with for the exact parameters you need to use."

Maybe it's just male-blindness, but for the life of me, I can't seem to find the documentation for the NCH software application Express Rip anywhere on the website.


In the dim past, I wrote a Visual Basic application, using Shell and some command line arguments, and it worked tolerably well. But now I'd like to make it a bit more robust. The API and Java interface look like just the ticket, but I really need to find a list of commands and how to use them.


I've submitted a ticket at NCH. If and when I get a response from them, I'll follow it up on this topic. In the meanwhile, does anybody know where the list of commands is along with how to use them?



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