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How to "move" JPG images slightly to enhance view?


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I am working on integrating JPG images with Video clips, using VP 4.11. I want to put a slight motion on the JPG images so they are not static. I've seen this done with various slide show software and feel that something as sophisticated as VP can do it, but someone as unsophisticated as I am cannot figure out how to do it.


Tips please?

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Special thanks -- tips were solid and offered welcome home regarding how to do what I wanted regarding "slide" motion.


Question: VP 4.31 does not seem to have ZOOM video effect option.

Question: Video version must be different as video creator used it a lot.

Question: Is there ZOOM alternative with the video effects that are available?

Question: Do you have a recommendation for learning how to use video effect "Motion Blur".


Thanks again.

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I was surprised to find that VP 4.31 has arrived and overwritten my licensed version, VP 4.11.


Is the license that allowed me to run 4.11 valid with 4.31?

How can I avoid downloading a "demo" license that overwrites my purchased license?

If my license is valid, how do I register?


I am assuming that it's the licensing issue that is making ZOOM effect a "grey" option. Is that correct?

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If you download a newer version of VP. Select to "Save" and not to run the exe file.

If you have a working version already on your PC you should have the vpsetup.exe file. Change the name of this so it reflects the version... e.g. vpsetup v 4.11.exe


If you have downloaded the newer version (e.g. 4.31 which is Beta version,) but selected to run the file instead of saving it first, it will overwrite your current version. However you can easily delete all the references this if it is not to your liking and then reinstall the original from your saved setup file-the one you renamed.

If it is a licensed version you should not need to re-enter the activation code again.



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Thanks for the feedback -- much appreciated.


Based on what you sent, I now offer a theory as to why I do not see ZOOM. It may be "greyed out" by the warning I get when I start VP 4.31 about not having hardware to handle graphic for 3D. When I open the Video Effects tab on the main screen, I see a list of effects under "Motion ..." including Crop, Rotate, Scale, Motion, Zoom, Shake, that are "greyed out" and annotated as "(unavailable)". The only ones I see active are Position, Mirror, Motion Blur, and Split Screen. These are the ones that appear when I click on the effects button in the timeline image.


Is it possible that my "old" hardware has caused me to lose these effects?

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Running licensed software -- thanks for advise as to where to confirm that fact.


Also, confirmed the absence of a GPU as the problem with missing video effects. Wondering if there is a low-cost way to get there (is buying a new PC the most attractive option?).


Thanks again for helping me through all this.

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Your GPU (graphics processor) may be lacking, but you have one ... or you would see nothing on the screen.



Double-click the DISPLAY ADAPTERS tree. The subfolder of that tree should list the name of your GPU adapter. Post that name here and someone may be able to assess its capabilities.


Whether it would be most cost efficient to purchase a capable video card or to buy a new PC? Hard to say. Weigh prices for a system that is powerful enough for consumer video editing, which can be resource intensive.



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Hi JerryP,


I just confirmed with the other developers. The only reason Zoom effect etc. will be disabled is that VP couldn't found any display hardware acceleration.


In order to have hardware acceleration, your PC need to support at lease DirectX 9.0c which came with Windows XP Sp1.


If you are getting a new PC, it would be almost impossible to find one not supporting that.


Best Regards,

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In Control Panel, the display adapter shows "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter". I checked and the driver is from 2006.


I also attempted to download/install DirectX 9.0C. No errors listed, but no change in the behavior either.


The PC I'm using (sic) is an IBM (now Lenovo).


I'm leaning towards a new PC.

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In Control Panel, the display adapter shows "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter".


Yes, that's the problem. VGA cards have no 3D acceleration support.


If you have DirectX installed, you can find out if hardware acceleration is available by running "dxdiag":


Windows Start Menu->Run->dxdiag->Display 1->DirectX features.


What we need is Direct3D acceleration.

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