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warning to free users


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Beware that if you are using a trial version, it is for 'evaluation use only' !


I have been an NCH user for many years. I have purchased most of the audio software, and when I upgraded from xp to win7 I purchased all my NCH software again.


I am a 'taper' - I record shows for bands I know. My main method of operation these days is to mix and edit with Audacity and export the file as .wav.

I then open the file in WavePad - I am very familiar with it and enjoy using it - where I will amplify as necessary, edit between songs, split into tracks, do fades, etc.

I then name and save each track. Works great for me!


I recently bought a new powerful laptop with windows 10, and was doing my mixing on it and then transferring via flash drive to my win7 machine to use WavePad to finalize my project as described above.

This of course is a silly work flow, so I decided to try the new version of WavePad on my laptop and see if I liked it.


After a couple of hours working on a 2 hour set, I was satisfied with my edits, and began the saving all files tasks. Half-way through I get the 'trial demo version for evaluation use only' which of course wants me to purchase the software. And I am stuck not being able to save any more of my work - and that really stinks..... I will load a copy of my paid version onto the laptop - but much of the work I did today was wasted.


So, sorry for the drawn out crying session.


Here is what the WavePad page states:

Get it Free. A free version of WavePad audio editing software is available for non-commercial use only. The free version does not expire and includes most of the features of the normal version. If you are using it at home, you can download the free version here. You can always upgrade to the master's edition at a later time, which has additional effects and features for the serious sound engineer.


Which does not lead one to believe it will stop working and require a purchase.............................................



edit to add: well, my version (5.1) of WavePad of course won't work with windows 10.

Although I couldn't save half the files in the case above, it Did allow me to save the project... so $$$$

and I am now on my way. sorry again, just thought it was worth mentioning that the trial version wouldn't let me finish my work - I guess I should have known...

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Hi vapors,

Ok, so I think what has happened is you have installed the *trial* version of WavePad. This is different to the *free* version. The free version will always work and never expire although there are some features missing and you have to click a button at the beginning stating that you acknowledge that this version is for non-commercial use only. It should certainly never prevent you from saving your work.


The trial or demo version will restrict you from saving after you have saved a number of files (I think it's about 10). Once this happens you still have the chance to save your work as a WavePad project, but you won't be able to export the audio to a specific format like mp3 or wav.


Sorry for the confusion and I will have some discussions with people to see how we can make the fact that you are using the demo vs free versions a little bit clearer in future releases.



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Thank you for your response Ben. I posted in a fit of dismay, and considered deleting it, but then thought that perhaps someone might be interested in how others utilize the program.

I knew I would be purchasing the current edition to use on my windows 10 machine, and have now done so. I completed the above mentioned project (and many more since) without a hitch.


I do have some other issues now that I will inquire about in a new thread, once I determine that they are not solely related to my new laptop or windows 10 itself...


Well, here is one that I wonder if anyone else has noticed:

On my win10 laptop (Alienware 17 R3) with the current edition v6.33 the bar at the bottom of the screen (which contains the transport features, the timing displays, and zoom) is extremely small and almost impossible to read.

I can only work now due to my familiarity with the program and knowing where the button I need is located. Is this perhaps something you are aware of?

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^ Glad to hear (wait that doesn't sound right) it's not just me/my system. I've been thinking that it had something to do with upgrading to windows 10, or something to do with the display of my new computer.

But maybe, or hopefully, it is a WavePad compatability issue that will be addressed. I haven't pursued this any further yet, as I stated I've learned to work with the miniature lower toolbar.

but I can't read the times on the 'start, end,selection length, file length...


I will start a new topic outside of this thread.

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Hi Ben,

via Google I found this thread. I do not know if you are still active in the forum. If not I hope that some other member of the NCH staff will read my posting.

On 20.1.2016 at 11:57 PM, nchBen said:

Sorry for the confusion and I will have some discussions with people to see how we can make the fact that you are using the demo vs free versions a little bit clearer in future releases.

In the meantime more than 2 years (!) have passed and absolutely nothing has changed! I downloaded yesterday WavePad from your website and had exactly the same experience as vapors in January 2016:

On 17.1.2016 at 4:04 PM, vapors said:

Beware that if you are using a trial version, it is for 'evaluation use only' !

[...] Half-way through I get the 'trial demo version for evaluation use only' which of course wants me to purchase the software. And I am stuck not being able to save any more of my work

In my case I got the message that I could not save a file (MP3) as this action is only possible with the Master's Edition. (Fortunately I did not loose any work because I had installed WavePad only in order to test it, but the problem is identic.)

There is such a lot of terrible confusion about WavePad. I will mention the most important issues I discovered:

1. There is no clear distinction between "demo version" and "free version". The expression "demo version" (or" trial version") does not even exist on your site.

2. On your page about WavePad* there is at least four times a download link: a) "Download Now" (in the red field),  b ) "Download in seconds ..." (beside the Windows symbol), c) "download the free music editing software here" (within the text), d) in the column on the right side ("Sound Editor - Download now").

*) this one: http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/index.html / respectively the German version of the site I had used: http://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/de/index.html

That's already an overkill of links. But things get even more confusing: As I found out after a lot of experiments, all the links lead to the download of a file with the same name ("wpsetup.exe") but behind this name almost in every link is hidden the demo version - and only in one link (I don't remember which one) the "wpsetup.exe" installs the free version (as a user expects when reading your site).

Even after installing you will not detect easily which version (demo or free) you have on your machine now. Finally I realized that you can see (?) the difference in the bar where the demo version has a button "Purchase" and the free version a button "Upgrade".

3. There is no information at which point (days, weeks, savings transactions ...) the full usability of the non-paid versions is ending.

My experience was:

- The one version (obviously the demo) suddenly did not allow me any longer to save an edited file as MP3 (see above).
- The other version (obviously the free one) suddenly did not allow me any longer to make a certain cleanup procedure (see below).

4. The next problem:

Both non-paid versions (either free or demo) want to push the user to buy the Master's Edition. But what's with the (cheaper) Standard Edition?

On your page for ordering/buying ** you mention that the Standard Edition has "All Master's Edition features without VST plugins support nor SFX Library".
**) https://secure.nch.com.au/cgi-bin/register.exe?software=wavepad

In case that this is the correct information about the difference, something is wrong with your free/demo software:

As mentioned above, with one of it suddenly I got the message that I cannot (longer) perform a certain cleanup procedure (I think it was "Auto Click/Pop Removal") in my file as this feature is available only in the Master's (!) Edition.

So it is not available in the Standard Edition? How would this be in harmony with the information on your buying page that only VST plugin support and SFX Library are missing in the Standard Edition (whereas all other features of the Master's Edition are available in the Standard Edition too)?

As potential buyer of a software I would like to know exactly what a software - and a certain edition of a software - offers me (concerning its features). For this purpose usually every software company presents on its website a comparison table showing in a clear way which feature (and other properties) can be found in which edition of a certain software.

Why is the company NCH not willing (or not able) to present such a comparison table (or at least another clear description of the differences) which concern obviously at least three editions/versions:

- the free version / - the Standard Edition / - the Master's Edition (with which apparently is connected the demo version)?

5. If the above assumptions are correct: Why is there no demo version for the Standard Edition too? Personally I would be possibly interested to buy the Standard Edition and surely not the Master's Edition. But it seems that there is no possibility to test specifically the Standard Edition.

I will stop here as it is very cumbersome to describe all these confusing issues I had during the last hours. 

I think it's time that finally you start to respect your potential customers by giving them correct, trustworthy and clear information about your products - both on your website and in the installation files you offer for download.


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Hi. I have been using WavePad for a long time and am comfortable with it - I've used it for music, vocals, journalism, audiobooks, you name it.

However, I recently got the update - now I cannot save anything. I registered twice, it's still saying 'register wavepad' on the File menu, and it will not let me even use the space bar to stop and start the audio. I bought the Masters version ages ago.

This is insane and I need someone to tell me if I can roll back to the last version, and if so, how. I have put in a bug report but to no avail yet, which is fine. I got the updated version from the NCH site, so it is legit.

Specs are:

  • Mac processor is 1.4 Ghz Intelcore
  • Memory is enough
  • I have updated to the latest Mac beta but that shouldn't affect it at all
  • WavePad is the 9.02 version

In the meantime, there's nothing for it, but to use Audacity, which just makes me go *facepalm*. EDIT: more facepalming, because apparently Audacity doesn't work on the 10.4.4 beta version. Ugh. Help?

Thanks guys, this is desperation talking!


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Dear Vapors:

What a shame!

Too many software companies on the Internet are using what I call "false advertising"

because they tell you it is for free, but that is it. After you download and install the software

and you are hooked, then you are prohibited the simple chores of printing, editing, saving or

you are given a watermark or you are given a set number of days just to try it out.


These companies should be more honest and just simply say it is a trial version from the getgo,

and allow all prior paying customers a free upgrade if the version has changed.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.  The software and hardware industry thrives on change

and new additions and more often times than not, previous paying customers are left out in the cold.


I share your frustrations just the same because it has happened to me as well.


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I again regret starting this thread. I do not believe there is any 'false advertising' happening! 

I use WavePad regularly and find it to be an excellent resource. I have purchased it for all my computers, and upgraded whenever I've upgraded my system.

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On 12/7/2019 at 10:52 AM, 1nd Done said:

Can someone tell me how can i bring my edited files from wave pad over to mix pad? It keeps saving it in wave pad only and doesn't allow me to use it in mix pad

This query would certainly more appropriately addressed in a post of its own, not adding to this one!

My first question/suggestion: are you saving just the WavePad project? If so, you may want to try saving the file (save file as) in a format suited to your MixPad project.

I'm not very familiar with mixpad, so it's just a thought. Good luck.

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I've been using Wavepad Editor Non-commercial for Home use for a while now. My old computer is not working anymore and I had to buy a new computer. But, the Non-commercial version I installed on the new computer says, "Trail version expired" after two days. Why is it complaining all of a sudden when I am using for Non-commercial Home use?

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I keep downloading the so called free edition but it will expire after a few days.

I keep using the button (NON COMMERCIAL USE) but it still will eventually not let me back in. I am just using it for home so why is there not a direct download link to a "FREE" trial that doesn't expire? I use this software ONLY because I can actually SEE the sound wave patterns and can skip over all the dead silent areas.

This is just crazy.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am just after purchasing the WavePad Sound Editor Standard Edition because after completing a radio show for reference on how the application works in comparison to Audacity but I was unable to save the .wpp file as a .mp3 file, after initially using the free demo of the application.

But as mentioned previously I have now purchased the Standard Edition and also the Switch Sound Format Converter Plus to negate this issue but I wanted to ask if both these licenses are just one-off payments, as it was quite expensive and whether they expire or not. A response would be greatly appreciated.

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gosh, I wish folks would make their own post to inquire, complain, compliment or whatever about the software.

Every time I see this return I feel regret; not with the program, but with my original post.

"I was unable to save the .wpp file as a .mp3 file"  I'm not sure why or exactly what you mean, but the .wpp extension refers to saving the 'project'. 

If you have a file open in WavePad, you can choose 'Save File As' and specify the folder destination, give it name, and choose the file type (Save as type)

While I won't get into comparisons with audacity on this forum, I do find both programs useful in my workflow and regularly use them in conjunction.


No worries about expiring licenses - if you have purchased the software it is recommended to retain your id /license info just in case, or for transferring to another computer. Note that if you are upgrading your system you may have to repurchase the appropriate version (ie. when I left behind my windows 7 for a windows 10 machine I needed to upgrade) 

ps. I would certainly not qualify nch software as 'expensive', unless perhaps you are comparing it to 'freeware'.

❤️ Dan



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On 4/17/2020 at 9:23 PM, ROTTENCORPSE said:

My exports keep freezing at 60% complete, making this software unusable. Left my laptop on all night and it's still stuck at 60%...

RC I believe you are referencing an issue you are experiencing with VideoPad - not WavePad? 

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On 12/13/2019 at 8:19 PM, Mr. said:

I've been using Wavepad Editor Non-commercial for Home use for a while now. My old computer is not working anymore and I had to buy a new computer. But, the Non-commercial version I installed on the new computer says, "Trail version expired" after two days. Why is it complaining all of a sudden when I am using for Non-commercial Home use?

Is your computer an upgrade - ie: windows 7 to windows 10, or something similar to that scenario?

Well then you might just have to bite the bullet and purchase an upgrade to the software.

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Hello, I just  downloaded the trial version of Wave Pad Audio Editor and tried to add delay to a tune. The delay graphic comes up, but it says "No VST selected" and will not allow me to go any further. Can anyone explain? Do I need the paid version to get beyond this? 

Also, I do not see any way to delete a sound effect from a tune after I've applied it. I do not see any reversal arrows. How can I delete an effect that I've applied or modify it?



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On 4/9/2020 at 5:09 AM, N_C_H_josh said:

The free version from https://www.nch.com.au/wavepad/wpsetup.exe doesn't expire. You do have to certify that you're using it for non-commercial use at startup, but if you're unable to get past that step, then please open a support ticket at https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html

this above link appears to download the time limited masters editon not the the 'free' version. upon installing there is no confirmation of personal use, just a dialog saying this masters edition wil expire in a few days.

there are two file downloads on the Wavepad page wpsetup.exe and WavePadAudioEditingSoftware.exe both of which appear to be demo versions (neither askes to confirm personal use upon installation)

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I purchased the standard edition of wavepad (10.38 for windows) in March of this year for 39.95. A couple months ago I received a pop up when opening wavepad stating a new and exciting version I could download for free and try. I downloaded it thinking if I didn't like it I could always revert back to the 10.38 version I paid for in March. Well now I can't get into Wavepad unless I click on the popup for a discounted NEW version for 45.00. This is bull, I have only had this paid for software for 8 months and now you want to nick me another 45.00 no way. Anyway I saw no difference in what I originally purchased vs this NEW version, so I probably will be looking elsewhere for a company that doesn't bait and switch.


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