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How to Automate repetitive edits to remove breathing noise


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I have several webinars I have to edit which all have numerous sections of obvious, audible breathing noises. I have done this manually on 9 files and it's so tedious I'm looking into automating the process.

I'm using WavePad 6.33 Masters Edition (paid)

I also have VideoPad Professional 4.30 (paid)


Currently the way I'm manually removing the breath sounds is to select the area, go to Cleanup, select Low-Pass filter, I have entered 50hz frequency and "Use previous entered".

This is working for removing the breath sounds.


I looked into the section Tools, Options, Keys and I can create a hotkey or macro to automate the process from the available options but Low-Pass filter is not one of them for some reason, even though High-Pass is.

I found if I make the High-Pass a frequency of 8736 it seems to accomplish about the same thing as I was doing using the low pass set at 50hz.


But I'm wondering if I'm not using the best command for the desired task?


I don't want to silence the selections because then it sounds dead and edited.

I don't want to cut the selections because the audio track has to sync with the video.


Can anyone suggest any better methods?

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Hi MayoPardo,

Very sorry that the Lowpass filter is not in that list. It absolutely should be and I'll make sure it is there for the next release.


If using the highpass filter is working for you then there is no real reason not to use it. At the end of the day what matters is that the result sounds how you want it.




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Hi, I've also been trying to do something similar except that I want absolute silence between phrases.  I've been using the ctrl + 0 command to silence the space between phrases but I often get a cracking sound at the beginning or end of the of the silence if I don't cut it at precisely the right point.  I've been adjusting for this by adding a short fade in/out at the "junctures" but it's very time consuming because there is no shortcut key stroke for fading in and out.  I know nothing about sound editing so maybe there is a better way to achieve what I'm trying to do.  I'd appreciate any advice that anyone might be able to offer me.  Thanks!

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