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Debut records my desktop only

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I don't record (or have anything to do with) games, but I've had a look on Debut's Tech Questions and I wonder if this might be of help, even though it refers to "black video" rather than desktop.


"Black" video


On some machines, Debut can't get access to the displayed picture, which results in the inability to record a game. If you see that the produced video contains audio only, while video is completely black, try switching the game to a windowed mode. It may allow Debut to access the game's screen surface.


I probably can't help with the sound either, but I have ticked "Loudness equalisation" in Playback devices/speaker properties/Enhancements. It may only make the sound you hear louder, not the recorded sound, but it's worth a try.

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To record the audio from a game or video, did you open the Debut options-audio window and check speakers? You can check both mic and speakers to record both at the same time.

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Debut should record on any of the available recording modes and options.

From the bottom menu bar, left corner, select the option/icon that has 4 arrows to record from the entire virtual desktop, before clicking on record. 

Try not to use the F11 key to move or change Full Screen Mode. If the issue persist test the recording using a different version, use any of the followings >


Best regards, 





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Can anyone confirm if they have been successful with minecraft?  Of course we made sure Debut was recording virtual desktop.  We have reproduced the issue on both version 3 and 4.  We are using win10 and standard Intel HD 4600 drivers. 

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