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Big drop in quality from original video to Encoded/produced video


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Hoping I can get some help. I absolutely love the interface and functionality of VideoPad - I'm a youtube hobbyist and it has everything I need and is really easy to use.


Having said that, I produced my first video tonight and there was a significant drop in quality from the source to the produced video. The video looks great on YouTube:



It seems to lose some quality on the download - I don't know why... Here is my source video:




And here is the video I produced with VideoPad:




The source video is 1080p, 60fps and as you can see looks pretty good on youtube. There is some loss of quality on the download (not sure why) then when I encode it gets worse.


I have set the quality to the highest and chosen 1080p 60fps in the encode settings.


Would love some help to learn what I'm doing wrong!!!


Thanks in advance for your help.



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Sorry - if you mean the encoding settings, I've included those above.


If it's something else could you please tell me where to find them? New to this application and thought I had reviewed all the settings but didn't see that. I just chose 'save video for youtube' and did custom, 1080p, 60fps, highest quality.

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In "Encoder Options" dialog, What's the video compressor (e.g. H264, MPEG4)?


I've compared the videos you uploaded. Yes the one you produced seems blur and in surprisingly big size.


We need some detail information to identify the problem.

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Never mind, I think I've fingered it out.


The reason of the quality drops was exporting the 720p video to 1080p. When stretching an image bigger it is unavoidable that the result become a bit blurry. Even when you stretching the 1080p image back to 720p you can't get the image as sharp as it's original. This problem is more noticeable when you have text or other sharp elements in the video.


If you want to keep the the text as sharp as the original video, it would be better to avoid stretching by exporting to the same resolution. Please see below for my testing.


1. Comparing exported 1080p (left) with the orignal (right). You can see obvious difference:



2. Comparing exported 720p (left) with the original (right):




For H264 compressor, you don't need to set the quality to highest. The second image above is exported using default quality.

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I was encoding to MP4.


What you're saying about the resolution makes total sense - because the video was set at 1080p and showed up smaller than my intro and outro videos.


What DOESN'T make sense is why a 1080p video downloaded from youtube as a 720p video... I wonder if I downloaded it before it was through processing from my live stream... The full HD is never available as soon as other resolutions to watch.


Thanks for taking the time to help. I'm hoping I can being to use VideoPad for my production and this will help.

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