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starting audio streaming with no pre-knowledge


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Good morning to you all. am happy to be part in this forum because I believe that with your help am going to achieve my aim/project.

please, I was consulted last by my G. O as a member of the audio department of our church. He told me to get information on how to do live audio streaming which I'll be the manager.

But one we don't have any website yet, no internet connection but I have a 4Gb Ram, 500Gb hard disk, 2.82GHz dual core dell laptop and broadwave stream server software.

so, please what else do I need or need to know?


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Hi Gizmo,

There are quite a lot of steps ahead of you, but you are always welcome to post here for advice along the way. The first step in this process is you need an internet connection. Without that you won't be able to stream anything.


The second step is to read through the Broadwave help section and try to set up a basic streaming server that you can test.


If you have any trouble following the instructions in the help section then post a specific question and someone will be able to help you.



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