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All slides from 5 on are corrupted

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I just purchased and registered PhotoStage 3.31.


I created several test slideshows with different pictures and exported them to .mov,. mp3, .mpg, and .wmv formats.

The .mpg and .wmv play with Windows Media player. The .mov and .mp3 play with QuickTime 7.7.3.


In all the test slideshows the .mpg and .wmv play correctly.


However, in all the slideshows when the .mov and .mp3 play, the 5th slide suddenly fades and the remaining slides are also are faded as well as having other picture corruptions.


There is no problem when I play the slideshows within PhotoStage.

There is also no problem when I create a DVD movie.


The slideshows were created with these options:

Resolution: 1024 x 576 - TV Wide

Maximum Frame Rate: 20.97 [TV NTSC]

clip duration: 5 seconds

transition duration: .5 seconds

transition: default Cross Fade

Encode Options: all defaults


I am running Windows XP Professional.


Any suggestions?

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Hi there, you would need to test with the same settings using a more recent operating system than Windows XP, also you would need to play it in other DVD playback devices. I tested with a few slideshows using the same settings and it has worked properly, systems utilized were Windows 7 and 8.1 using the same PhotoStage 3.31.


I hope that helped.

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Thanks for your reply.

The problem is not the DVD, but rather playing the .mov and .mp4 in QuickTime via Windows Explorer.

At first I thought it might be a QuickTime problem, but I created the exact same slideshows using a different slideshow program (Bolide Slideshow Creator) and the .mp4 created by that program plays just fine in QuickTime. I did submit the problem to NCH Technical Support and am awaiting their reply.

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