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Preview Voice worked once and now no voices work

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I am new to Voxal. I was successful in previewing voices with the personal downloaded version and then when I purchased and activated my commercial use license, the preview and voices stopped working.


I tried the troubleshooting guide and read the FAQ and nothing seems to activate the voices.


I was super happy with my first recordings with the personal version.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance.

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I'm having the same problem. I was able to preview voice effects once, but not since. I do hear what I recorded, but no effects are added. I don't see the mic level move, volume is at 100%. I also see the error in the log "Voxal is waiting for an application to use the microphone."


I do use the VoiceMeeter mixer, and have tried changing the input from that to my microphone, but there is no difference. I know the microphone is working since I can hear my voice in the preview, but there are no effects added. Putting effects to a prerecorded file works fine, but I was hoping to use this while live streaming. I tried using my streaming software, and there are no effects applied.

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Hey, do not fear! i have a solution for this! just click once on the app, right click it, and select "troubleshoot compatibility". then, just select "try recommended settings", and it just started working for me.

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